The adventurer snapshots

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible owned by Wayne Duprez, Grandson of Charles Duprez (the NY Times photographer who in 1908 covered the Flyer as it crossed the US).

1928 Plymouth Roadster owned by John

Quam.  "Spitfire" takes on the trans-

continental run in the open, much

like the Flyer did in 1908! 

1929 Model A owned by Jack and Mary Crabtree.  This speedster completed the preliminary NY to Paris run in 2011

1929 Model A Roadster Pickup owned by Jeff Mahl, Great Grandson of George Schuster.  We will see the winning Thomas Flyer at the National Automobile Museum

in Reno.

1941 Packard 160 owned by Roger

Hershberger.  This Navy Command car

is a rare example of WWII era limited

automotive production.