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2018 route

2018 itinerary

Details of the 2018 planned itinerary will be available soon.  If you would like further information, please complete the request form on the Contact Us page.  Be sure to include the year and make of the vehicle you would like to use.

Your driving adventure will take you across North America, Asia and European Continents along the route followed during the 1908 New York to Paris Race.  We will be visiting world class cities including New York, San Francisco, Yokohama, Moscow, Berlin and Paris.  Along the way take in scenic wonders of the world including Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Mt. Fuji, Trans-Siberian Railroad, Lake Baikal, German Black Forest and the Rhine River.

We will be following the original 1908 route taken by the American Thomas Flyer Team, with the exception we will not make the trip by steamer from San Francisco to Seattle and then on to the Alaskan Territory landing in Valdez.  Our travel will take our vehicles from San Francisco directly to Yokohama, Japan by container ship.

The North American Route will take us from Times Square to the Golden Gate Bridge.  A US Map with the route traced by George Schuster himself will lead the way.


The crossing of Asia and Europe will be guided by the Asiatic Russia map purchased by George in Vladivostok, Siberia on May 20, 1908.