We will be traveling across three continents, through 12 countries and span 12 time zones, as well as cross the International Date Line.

In 1908 the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world at 1063'.  Today, One World Trade Center in NYC stands at 1776'.


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Travel Tips

Moscow - MIR's list of what to see and do in the Russian capital.

Vladivostok - MIR's "Insider Tips" for this once forbidden city.

What is the distance from New York to Paris?  We will be driving approximately 13,000 miles, and covering another 5,000 miles by ship.  The US leg begins June 19,2018 crossing from NY to San Francisco.  The Asia and European legs have been postponed, visit the 2018 BLOG for the latest information.

How were the people you encountered in that part of the world?  We found the Chinese to be some of the most friendly and caring people we met.  The Russians even invited us to a wedding reception!

What was the most memorable country for food?  France, especially the pastries.

What about Internet?  Most hotels around the world now offer WiFi, and many US wireless carriers have reasonably priced short term international calling plans.