The Plan

Planning has been finalized to make this event both historic and memorable.  You will be making your own history for generations to come!


Travel Schedule

Want to enjoy the scenic and cultural wonders we will encounter?  Special efforts will be made to accommodate the particular interests of the participants, as we circle the globe in this two part  "bucket list" lifetime experience.

In 1908 the "horseless carriage" was a novelty which many considered a frail toy, certainly not suited for long distance travel.  That would all change when the 1908 Great Race from New York to Paris was run with six teams form Italy, France, Germany, and the United States (at the suggestion of then President Teddy Roosevelt).   After 22,000 miles and 169 days the American Thomas Flyer and it's driver George Schuster* won the historic event, changing forever the course of the automobile.  *Inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame

Travel the historic route

On the 110th Anniversary of the legendary 1908 test of men and machines, we will begin our journey June 19, 2018 from the home of President Franklin Roosevelt in NY heading west to San Francisco along the original 1908 route.  The Asia and European legs have been postponed, visit the 2018 BLOG for the latest information.


You Are Invited!

Travel with a group of like minded automotive enthusiasts, through parts of the country most people only get to read about.